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Flyer Flyer
Flyer folded Flyer folded
Flyer roll folded (3 panels) Flyer roll folded (3 panels)
Concertina folded flyers (3 panels) Concertina folded flyers (3 panels)
Flyer open gate fold Flyer open gate fold
Flyer cross-folded Flyer cross-folded
Leporello folded flyer (4 panels) Leporello folded flyer (4 panels)
Flyer concertina cross-folded Flyer concertina cross-folded


Printed flyers are perfect for your advertising, great invitations or upcoming events.

Flyers can be printed on one or more pages. Choose from many different folds, formats and paper types.

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Flyer Top-Seller

  • Flyer
    Print your flyers online in formats from A4 to A7 and various special formats. Already from an edition of 10 pieces.
  • Flyer folded
    The classic flyer with 4 pages - ideal for any invitation. Printed in high, cross or square format.

Others flyers with any fold types

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  • Flyer roll folded
    Folded twice and wrapped inwards, the result is a 6-part flyer with inner and outer sides.
  • Concertina folded flyers
    This 6-page flyer is folded twice in alternating directions to create a concertina look.
  • Flyer open gate fold
    The surprise flyer: It can be opened to the left and to the right and thus provides a view of the middle section.
  • Flyer cross-folded
    Folded once horizontally and once vertically. The cross fold has opened four times the size of the closed format.
  • Leporello folded flyer
    Even more space with zigzag fold: The Leporello offers 8 and more pages. Perfect for printing comprehensive advertising messages.
  • Flyer concertina cross-folded
    The specialist for extensive plans, maps and programs: The 12- or 16-page flyer is folded several times in alternating directions (zigzag). Finally, it is folded horizontally once.

Flyers in all formats

Thanks to a large selection you can print your flyers in any format. Simply combine the desired size with the appropriate folding type. For rectangular formats, you can flexibly choose between landscape and portrait formats.

You need a special size? We print your free format from 25-297 mm (width) to 25-297 mm (height).

Design your own flyer

Design and order your flyers online: With our design templates you can quickly and easily present your own texts, motifs and images.


Address your customers directly: All flyers can be printed personalized. The personalisation file can be uploaded directly to the configurator.

Types of paper

Print your flyers on different papers and grammages - natural, satin and glossy coated paper or recycled paper:

Nature high white uncoated
This paper is made of high quality cellulose with a surface that shows fine fibres. It is slightly rougher and perfectly absorbs the ink with a natural look. It is also easy to describe.

Satin coated
The silky surface provides a high-quality print and lies comfortably in the hand. This paper is smoother than uncoated paper and emphasises fine details. The colours are very intense.

Glossy coated
The gloss of this paper favours an excellent image reproduction. An additional refinement by means of varnishing is particularly effective here.

Recycling uncoated
This paper consists of 100% recycled paper. It is characterised by a very beautiful structure and a unique, discreet colour tone.

Same Day Express

If it has to be fast, we deliver your flyers on weekdays on the same day. Order before 9 am with the delivery option "Same Day".

Order paper and print samples

All our paper types can be found in the sample collection. For each sample book you will receive a voucher for the purchase amount, which you can redeem for an order.

Climate neutral and FSC® certified

All flyers are printed in Switzerland. We produce climate-neutral on paper from forests that are managed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

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